Saturday, March 31, 2007

Marketing Breakdown

New Orleans to Host Conference about Suicide

Now, I would be the first to admit that marketing is not my forte, but even I recognize this as a potential train wreck. The American Association of Suicidology is hosting their conference in two weeks in New Orleans! I am all for supporting New Orleans, and we have written a great deal about how disgraceful the recovery effort, but this is one conference they might have passed on. The Conference is focused on 40 years of preventing suicide--"moving forward with education and training". That is all well and good, but New Orleans? Didn't they think that pundits might get word of this and poke fun at the city. If we keep giving pundits more opportunities to poke fun at a City doesn't that make it more likely that the City will try the hemlock? Suicide professionals from around the country coming to the City most in need of someone to talk the City down from the ledge? Some will say that it is fitting that a community that was just designated as the most dangerous in the Country needs more than any other some help from suicide prevention professionals. Was Mayor Ray Nagin feeling low and this was a way to disguise his seeking counseling by inviting hundreds of suicide counselors to his city? No matter how you look at it hosting a conference for suicide prevention professionals in the devastated city of New Orleans is ripe for humor.

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doctorj2u said...

I am a native New Orleanian. Now is a great time to visit because the healing IS taking place (no thanks to the government on any level). I was in town today for the Femme, Femme, Femme exhition at NOMA and I was very impressed with the activity I saw in several parts of the city (flooded and non flooded areas). Things are finally on the mend. I pray that none of America gets to see the back hand of the government and political fanatics my home town has seen in the last 19 months. There were times that most of us were in need of mental health help but I think the worst is definitely past. Ignore Nagin! He certainly ignores the citizens of New Orleans. Come, meet the locals! You will be welcomed with open arms and have a wonderful time.