Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Updates on the Housing/Homeless Programs in the Stimulus Bill

We were incorrect about the shelter dollars not in the Senate Bill. I got the last info from the Associated Press. Here is the list from the National Low Income Housing Coalition comparing the House and Senate Bills:
  • National Housing Trust Fund: House, $0/Senate, $0
  • Housing Choice Vouchers: House, $0/Senate, $0
  • Emergency Shelter Grant Program: House, $1.5 billion/Senate, $1.5 billion
  • Public and Indian Housing Capital: House, $5.5 billion/Senate, $5.5 billion
  • Project-Based Section 8 renewal funding: House, $0/Senate, $2.1 billion
  • Project-Based Section 8 green retrofit: House, $2.5 billion/Senate, $118 million
  • Neighborhood Stabilization Program: House, $4.19 billion including renter protection language/Senate, $0
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit gap financing: House, $0/Senate, $2 billion
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit fixes: House, 9% credit exchange/Senate, acceleration of value of 9% credits
  • HOME program: House, $1.5 billion/Senate, $225 million
  • Rural Housing Insurance: House, $500 million/Senate, $200 million
  • Lead Hazard Reduction: House, $100 million/Senate, $100 million
There is still time to get some of these programs some funding in the compromise legislation that is being negotiated right now. As always, if you see your federal representative walking down the street ask him/her to include housing in the stimulus bill.

Brian Davis
Posts by Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless staff and Board.

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