Monday, March 23, 2009

Grading the Administration 9

Weekly Grades for the Obama Administration on the Struggles to Reduce Poverty: D

I waited until after the 60 Minutes piece last night before assigning a grade in hopes that he would talk about housing, poverty or homelessness, but no such luck. Not much was announced about poverty issues this last week, and still only one of the agenda items has even been proposed from the poverty agenda. The middle class task force met which does not help those currently living in poverty. Most of the week was spent attempting to put out a fire started by AIG, and the executive pay problems. Obama also spent the week defending his proposed 2010 budget, which is unusual and keeps the administration out of the failure territory. The budget is extremely progressive so it does merit some points toward addressing poverty. The health care piece within the budget would benefit poor people, but will it withstand Congressional apprehension?

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