Friday, September 24, 2010

Gourmet Meal for Homeless People

NEOCH Teams Up With Cosgrove Center

The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless and Catholic Charities Cosgrove Center introduce a unique charity event for Cuyahoga County. This is the first year to try this cool idea of providing a fantastic meal to homeless, hungry and generally lower income individuals. We are staging this event at the familiar setting of the Bishop Cosgrove Center, which serves hundreds everyday while also serving the neighborhood with pantry. Executive Sous Chef John Aldewereld of Sans Souci Restaurant on Public Square is chef who is donating his time and talents to prepare a wonderful lunch for homeless people on November 9, 2010. We need your help to support this event!! We are asking the public to donate $40 to support one homeless person to enjoy this meal. We hope to serve 220 people at the Bishop Cosgrove Center with your help.

The Hand Up Gala will feature music, linen on the tables, nice dishes and centerpieces to set an atmosphere that matches the meal that will be prepared. To encourage ticket sales for this once in a lifetime event, we are holding an auction in which the name of everyone that donates will be entered into a drawing for items from the Cleveland Browns, the Cleveland Playhouse and the Doubletree Hotel along with many other items. For full details on the auction go here. You can buy tickets to this event directly from our website by clicking on the "Donate Now" buttons. Help us provide a once in a life time meal to homeless people this fall.

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