Monday, December 20, 2010

New Street Newspaper is Out

Cleveland Street Chronicle Hits the Street
The new street newspaper for Cleveland is on the streets. A group of poets got together and raised enough dollars to publish a paper. It is now on the streets and available for $1.25. There is a lot of poetry, and we thanked the poets who raised dollars right on the front page. There will be vendors showing up at the West Side Market and Downtown selling the paper. They will have green badges to show that they are legitimate. Please support them as they try to raise a few dollars for the holidays.

We had to give up the old name (Homeless Grapevine), because so many people were abusing the paper after it was mothballed last year. We figured that we needed a clean break, and start fresh with the paper. We have to thank Brent also for all his work getting this paper out. Brent is a real friend of the paper and all of us appreciate all his help. He is going to make about 15 people have a great holiday this year because they will have income again.

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Kathy Smith said...

I am so glad this paper is out, especially before Christmas. Good luck and blessings to the vendors. I'm glad to have been a part of the fundraising effort; I hope that somehow regular funding can be found to keep the newspaper up and the vendors more secure.

Anonymous said...

This comment is for Brian Davis, Sir I must say that I am both shocked and appalled by your post regarding the "Golden Voice"! In this day and age if we get one homeless person off of the streets and back into the workforce I consider it a blessing! I know of the amount of work the coalition does for the homeless as I was once homeless with two small children myself, I thank-you for the offer of using a P.O. Box system through your agency and the helpful hints you provided regarding staying safe. When the newspaper came out I was one of the first to rush out and buy a couple of copies, when it came to feeding the hungry I couldn't wait to donate and encouraged my children to do the same, we can't begrudge ANYONE their time, as ONLY God knows when are special time may come. When you scoffed at the thong underwear, I thought that odd but chose to ignore it, do you realize how ungrateful you sound and are becoming?! Just what would please you?!You need more blankets OK I get that and I'll send some as will my friends, but please back off from the snide it really is disgusting to read about!

Cleveland Homeless said...

Dear Ms. Anonymous:

First, I said that it was wonderful for Mr. Williams, and we all are cautiously optimistic that he will prosper. But don't you think all this attention is overboard? I mean he is one guy and in two days he was on MTV, NBC, Entertainment Tonight, CBS, CNN, etc. Don't you think that it is making a big deal about one guy when there are 4,000 other amazing people with some other God given talents who are overlooked in Cleveland everyday.

Second, regarding the thong underwear...not to sound ungrateful, but don't you think it is weird that a corporation would think that it is a good idea to send thong underwear to a homeless group in cold weather Cleveland? Obviously, judging from the PD story and the attention to that story in the media, I was not alone in thinking that it was weird.

Ms. Anonymous, you need to lighten up a little. I applaud you for making it off the streets and all that you overcame, but did you lose your sense of humor because of your homelessness? Thanks for the blankets by the way.