Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Underwear Saga Complete

The People Have Spoken
Forty six people joined our poll over what exactly we should do with the donation of thong underwear that we received over the holidays. The majority of the people said "It is just underwear--give it away.

Yes, not a problem, it is just underwear
24 (52%)
It is questionable, but since they are donated do it
8 (17%)
Donate them to a non-homeless facility
7 (15%)
It is inappropriate don't do it
7 (15%)

We have given away all the underwear. We gave it to women in transition, so those ready to move out onto their own. We also gave it out at a daytime shelter. These were really nice pieces of clothing that were rather expensive, and the women were extremely appreciative. Thanks to those who weighed in on this issue. I think for the old geezers in our office (like me) who saw thong underwear, and could not understand what a corporate executive was thinking when they sent this out. It just seemed strange to me for a corporate exec to say, "I really want to help out our society today, I will send some thong underwear out to homeless people throughout the county." What I have found in my extensive underwear research is that people are loyal to their choice in underwear. People have a strong commitment to briefs, granny pants, boxers, or thongs--no matter if they are homeless or housed.

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