Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thank You Greater Cleveland

Over 1,600 Blankets donated since October

Pictured above are the delivery from the staff at the United Way who collected blankets and donated them to homeless people in Cleveland. They even donated these blankets during one of the last two recent snowstorms. We have now distributed all of these blankets to those who sleep outside and to those who stay at 2100 Lakeside shelter. Special thanks to the wife of the CEO of the United Way who personally made a number of blankets. Thanks also to Congressman Kucinich's staff who collected items and brought them over to our office. We received quilts and sleeping blankets and comforters for those moving into housing. We gave out these fantastic outdoor blankets that had plastic on one side, and some coats and other winter clothing. Thanks to Greater Cleveland for all the outpouring of caring support. Thanks everyone for your generosity and rest assured your gifts went directly to people in need in Cleveland.

Thanks also to the incredible team of outreach workers from Labre, Care Alliance, Mental Health Services, Volunteers of America, the Salvation Army, Veterans Administration, Lutheran Metro Ministry, St. Pascals, Metanoia, and St Pauls in Ohio City. The people who stayed warm in this harsh and cold winter thank you for your generosity. The veterans living on the near West Side as well as the couples living in their cars survived the winter because of your support.


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