Friday, May 20, 2011

Erie Square Residents Need Help

Cleveland Housing Network Looks For Help from the Community

We received a note today from the staff over at the Cleveland Housing Network asking for help from the 44 households burnt out of their apartments over at Erie Square on East 79th and Euclid. There were no serious injuries, but all 60 residents of the west wing of the building need a new place to live. Erie Square was renovated in the last three or four years, and was one of the quality subsidized housing complexes in the community.

CHN is looking for help from the community to get these families out of hotels and into housing. They are looking to connect each of the 44 households with donors who could help with gift cards to local merchants. The residents need to start over with household items, beds, furniture, cleaning supplies, personal items, clothing, and anything else to re-establish a home. They are looking for churches, religious groups, civic organizations or even corporations who want to help a family move back into a home while Erie Square is rebuilt to contact CHN.

You can reach CHN if you want to help by contacting Laura Boustani, coordinator of the family to family effort at 216/774-2364 or e-mail familytofamily (at) chnnet (dot) com. You can also click on family to family on the CHN website. Residents burnt out of an apartment do not automatically get a housing voucher that will follow them. They will get a temporary subsidy to use in an apartment somewhere in the community while the building is being rebuilt, and then they will return to Erie Square.

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