Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hockey Game Successful

Michelle Russell, NEOCH Board member (2nd from Left) and Neil Donovan of NCH on the right
Impressive End to National Hunger and Homeless Week

Neil Donovan of the National Coalition for the Homeless came to Cleveland on November 19 to raise awareness about the rise in homelessness in the United States.  He had done presentations around the country and finished the week in Cleveland by attending the Lake Erie Monster's hockey game.   He was able to tour 2100 Lakeside which made a huge impression on him as a monument to a population waiting for social justice to arrive.  There were a relatively small number of people who attended his speech, but Donovan was interviewed by WKSU before the event. He was recognized during the first period intermission, and the Lake Erie Monsters pulled out a victory in the end.

I was surprised how many people were attending the game.  The games broadcast on Channel 43 on Sundays do not seem as well attended as the Saturday night game.  Neil talked about the involvement in homeless people in the struggle to end homelessness.  He talked about the 1% of the 99% who lose their housing or struggle to maintain their health, housing or income everyday.  Neil went into a great deal about the suffering that is taking place around the country, and government is cutting back everywhere.  The Coalitions are struggling to stay alive, and shelters are being starved out of existence.  All of the safety net is being shredded, and there is a great deal of pain expected nationally over the next few years.  Neil took questions from the Cleveland community then being from Boston he enjoyed a good hockey game.

Thanks to the Cavs and Monsters staff for thinking of us for this event.  We hope that it is a regular part of their programming.

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