Saturday, December 24, 2011

Distributing Toys

NBC Today Show Toys and Household Items Distributed by NEOCH Staff

NEOCH Staff Wrapped and Distributed Toys Locally
Every year, NEOCH is the local recipient of the NBC Today Show Toy Drive gifts.  These are books, toys, and other household items donated by major retailers in the United States to go to children and families in shelters.   This year William (Santa hat) and Larry played Santa Claus by distributing the items.  Ms. Harris and Ms. Barnes wrapped the toys that we received from HomeGoods.  We gave out new cutting boards and kitchen cutlery and cooks' tools to those in transition to housing.  We distributed women's intimates, and bath and soap items to a women's shelters.  We gave away winter clothing, and a few smaller items that came in.  All of these items are new and the kids items we wrapped and delivered to family shelters with name tags identifying who would appreciate the toys the most.  This is a great program for shelters throughout the United States.  Thanks to NBC and the Today show and all the corporations which participate in this program.

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Cindy Miller said...

A new program since I left Cleveland. Any gifts we received at the shelter were greatly appreciated.

I am very happy that NEOCH was the local recipient of this program. I only wish I was with you to help!