Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Street Newspaper Hits the Streets in December!!
In the busy holiday season, we forgot to report that the new paper is on the streets.  Issue 18.4 was published last week and hit the streets. It is on sale now from your friendly vendor mostly at the West Side Market and downtown.  Some of the stories featured in the paper include a series of interviews with members of the Homeless Congress about their most important issues that they want the city to address with regard to homelessness.  There are a number of commentaries by our vendors.  We have a very nice center spread on photos from the 2011 Hand Up Gala.

There is a front page story about the Cleveland Tenants Organization, and a number of poems.  We continue the popular NEOCH Index of current statistics prepared by Luke Drotar is in the paper.  We hope that you will pick up a copy of the paper today.  Support your local vendors, and support your local street newspaper.

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