Sunday, July 15, 2012

Check out New Items on the Website

 There are a number of new items added to the NEOCH website.  We hope that you will visit the site on a regular basis to keep informed about homelessness in Cleveland and we give a summary of the changes here.   One of the new updates is a profile of one of our speakers. We try to provide inspirational experiences of people who overcome homelessness.  Here is a piece of the story from Don:
A conversation with Street Voices Speaker Don is so open, honest and compelling that it is an experience to remember. Don holds nothing back. He tells of his failures and his triumphs in the same low key. The quality of frankness in his speeches at High Schools, churches and community centers is certain to be highly inspirational, especially to people mired in lost hopes, loneliness, or tough addictions.  (More on the website.)
One of our interns, Grace, has created a page on the Hand Up Gala in which we are working on for the fall 2012.   Finally, we regularly provide statistics and provide information about the State of Homelessness in Cleveland.  That information can be found here.  There is something for everyone on the website.  We have statistics for policy wonks, profiles for those who like the personal stories, and wonderful photographs many taken by formerly homeless people. 

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