Tuesday, October 09, 2012

New Items on Website

We have updated the contact information for the school liaisons in Cuyahoga County.  Every school district must designate one person on staff who can assist homeless children when they lose their housing during the school year.  Every year we update this list on our site.  We have the new list on our site under "Find Help" at the top of the page. We have posted Issue 21 of the Homeless Grapevine archive. We have posted a second profile of Raymond the vendor.  This was written by a wonderful volunteer, Bernadette, who passed away in the last few years.  She had a great time sitting down and talking to Raymond.  Finally, we added some new stats comparing the number of vacancies in public housing to the number of units in various large cities in the United States.  We also have a similar chart on the Housing Choice voucher program.  We try to post various statistics about homelessness and housing in this section of our website.

For more information click on the above links or go to the new on the site section of our website.
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