Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Web Traffic in 2005

Review of NEOCH Programs for 2005
We are going to briefly look at the various programs that NEOCH operates and their impact over the last year for the community. We will start with our website, which is easy to generate statistics. We had our best month ever in November 2005 with 5,324 visits and an average of 177 average daily visitors. There were 13,428 pages viewed in November. That is impressive. That is a huge number of calls that we do not have to answer and can work on solving problems. We have to thank Joe Perrelli, a former VISTA, who we have on contract to update our website every month. He is using his educational award to go to grad school at some bastion of liberal indoctrination on the East Coast, and updates our website in his spare time. There were a total of 46,000 visits in 2005 to the website, which is not bad for a small homeless organization in Cleveland. The web has certainly changed the way that we do business. We don't have to send out the street card out to our membership since it is available on our website. We don't send as many mailers out to update people on our work, and we receive half of our grievances now from our website. It is a great public education tool for the Coalition.

The blog that we started in October are still a work in progress. We will jazz them up with some graphics in 2006. Coming soon in this space our predictions for 2006.


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