Thursday, July 20, 2006

More on City of Jackson

Doublespeak Alive and Well in Mississippi

I just want to report on whatÂ’s going on in Jackson Mississippi. A lot of the articles I read tend to spin it as a great idea. Just for fun, let's try a different spin:

Mayor Frank Melton of Jackson, Mississippi, has set a curfew specifically for homeless people. If you are homeless, it is illegal for you to be on the streets after 10 PM. If you are found on the street after 10 PM, you are taken to a "facility" where you are clothed and fed. It's not a jail, though, because these people aren't under arrest. It's just a building the local police forcibly escort you to and which you are not allowed to leave until they say so.

Think what you want about the above spin, I would like to point out a small passage that turns this whole topic from debatable to creepy:

"Melton closed the shelter in the gym Sunday afternoon because it is used during the week for summer youth programs. The remaining homeless people were taken to the Billy Brumfield Shelter, with the exception of Jonathan Graham, a 17-year-old from Texas who now is living with the mayor."

Frank, I'm not here to judge you. I'm just here to say that rounding up all the homeless people in your city and from them picking a minor to take home like a five-year-old picking a puppy out of a store window is, well, it's weird, Frank. I know you must think I'm just ants at a picnic. All I can say to that is: I am not a colony of ants, and what you are doing is no picnic.

Posts by Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless staff and Board.


homeless puppy said...

A five year old picking out a puppy? Nice analogy - except that to harbor 17 year old without parental consent is potentially illegal.

Why didn't he turn the child over to the appropriate authorities? And what does a grown man want with a 17 year old boy?

BTW Brian, as I have been following the Ohio City vs. Homeless Coalition debacle, I can't help but note that people in OC put more effort into their dogs than they do other human beings.

Just read the posts about dog parks - and the homeless problem. That's been a real eye-opener for me.

To realize my neighbors think a homeless person has less rights and warrants less consideration than an animal has been an education!

Two Dogs said...

Good thing that you are here to judge Frank, because what you published is NOT true. This was what was published in our local paper, but it never happened.

joshkanary said...

Mr. Two Dogs, could you please qualify your statement? I appreciate discerning points of view, but what you said isn't an argument. It's just contradiction.