Saturday, September 02, 2006

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NEOCH Has Moved into the 21st Century

We have selected "Network for Good" as a secure way that you can support the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless. If you find something useful or something helpful please give a few dollars to support the important work of the Coalition. If you appreciate our advocacy or our programs, we could use your help. If you have a relative who has become homeless or had experience with homelessness, please help the Coalition solve homelessness locally. We also could preserve your legacy with a gift from your estate. We are very good stewards of money from the public and will use your money as efficiently and effectively as possible.

On another note...there is an interesting discussion taking place at Callahan's site. There is a lot of pain on the West Side over the death of the artists in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood and the death of the police officer in the West 98th neighborhood. Low income advocates are commenting on a proposal made by Bill to hold landlords accountable for their tenants. Check it out.

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