Friday, May 04, 2007

A Few Quick Notes

Why Don't We Ever Talk About Homeless Animals???

There is some real passion for animal shelters and the animal protective league in society. NEOCH does not usually get into discussions about the push for finding "homes" for animals when America does not take care to find housing for our brothers and sisters. In the 1990s we did not storm the Animal Protective League when it turned out that the animal shelter was cleaner and more hospitable then the men's shelters in Cleveland. But it is another thing when it is in your face. This week, fliers appeared all over the building in which NEOCH's main office is located inviting us to a fund raiser in support of "Homeless Animals." It had a cute couple holding a cat and a dog and asking the public to adopt a "homeless" animal. We were debating sending homeless people to the event and having them try to keep some of these "Homeless Animals" in their care, so that when the animals are adopted, the family gets a package deal. Adopt a pet and get a human companion along with the dog or cat. Why did these fliers show up at our office? Was this a message to NEOCH staff? Was this a message about the priorities of society? If we had more cute homeless people would there be more fliers for adopting homeless people? I have no answers.

Speaking of fund raising...
The NEOCH Annual fund raiser, "Partnering to End Homelessness" is tonight. Frank Jackson is the keynote speaker. We are awarding Mayor Jackson the Ione Biggs Social Justice Award. There will be silent auction, music and great food. We are full for the event, but we may have space for others at tables of people who RSVPed, but do not show up for the event. No homeless animals are allowed.

WCPN on Monday...
Tune in to WCPN Sound of Ideas program from 9 to 10 a.m. on Monday May 7 for a discussion about Health Care for Homeless people. I will be on the program to discuss this critical subject because studies show that homelessness has an impact on shortening a person's life.

Posts by Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless staff and Board.

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