Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Homeless Stand Down 2010

Photo from a 2005 Homeless Stand Down by staff

Time to Sign Up To Volunteer at Stand Down

It is time to sign up to volunteer for the 2010 Homeless Stand Down. InterAct Cleveland is now signing people up for the Cleveland Homeless Stand Down at the Convention Center. The dates for the Stand Down are February 7, February 28 and the big social service fair is set for Friday March 5, 2010. In the past, we have needed over 800 volunteers to stage these three important events. We will be giving away clothing on the first two dates and providing a day of rest on all three days. All volunteers sign up for a training session. Volunteer trainings are scheduled in January and February.

The 2010 Stand Down is expected to the biggest ever with the downturn in the economy and the lack of jobs. We hope that you can sign up as a volunteer on the InterAct Cleveland website. We need to collect winter clothing items, hygiene items, coats, and boots. We need congregations to sign up to make bagged lunches or donate RTA bus passes. All this information can be viewed on the InterAct website.

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Donovan said...

I missed this news. I was late. Actually, I wanted to sign up for being volunteers at stand down. By the way, is there any such program in this year?

Cleveland Homeless said...

I am sorry, but the Stand Down is done for 2011. They took place in February and March. If you want to sign up as a volunteer for 2012 visit the InterAct website http://www.interactcleveland.org/. They will keep you informed, and there are activities that you can do in the last part of the year.


Gregory said...

What is the activity about? It is interesting. Is there any similar event which will be held in 2011? Can you tell me how to sign as a volunteer?

Cleveland Homeless said...

The Stand Down usually takes place in February. There were three days of events in February 2011. Please check with InterAct Cleveland on the dates and ways to volunteer.