Monday, February 14, 2011

Homeless Congress Last Week

Thank you Dale Miller For Attending

County Councilman Dale Miller attended the February meeting of the Homeless Congress. We had around 30 homeless or recently homeless individuals attend to ask questions. There was a great deal of discussion regarding the County passage of a law to regulate the shelters. We talked about why the City of Cleveland was not willing to introduce the legislation. Miller warned that the County Council is still a work in progress and there is still uncertainty regarding enforcement. Councilman Miller was supportive of the idea, and expressed support for introducing the legislation if nothing else to introduce a community discussion about shelters.

There were questions about the move of the fragile populations from North Point to 2100 Lakeside and why we cannot try to renovate some of the abandoned properties locally. There were calls for the county to secretly visit some of the shelters to see the treatment that goes on at night. There was continued discussion about the problems at the Community Women's Shelter.

Randy Wilson and Tim Walters attended to talk about the possible cuts in the state budget, and some upcoming advocacy events including a bus trip down to Columbus. The shelter standards steering committee gave a brief report of their plans to see the legislation through to becoming a law. The next meeting in March will focus on foreclosures.


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