Friday, April 22, 2011

New Street Chronicle is on the Streets

Just in Time for Passover and Easter...

Because of the publicity over the publication of the new paper in December brought in a couple of hundred dollars in donations and a printer stepping forward to save us a couple of hundred dollars, we were able to publish a second edition of the Cleveland Street Chronicle. Thanks PM Graphics out of Streetsboro for their deal on printing. Thanks also to Brent for all his help with the layout. The paper look has improved dramatically over the last few years. Vendor Raymond is on the front cover, and is only charging $1 extra for an autographed copy of the paper. It is on the streets right now just in time for the holidays. Support your friendly local vendor at the West Side Market or Downtown by purchasing a paper. They are all badged with a green badge that has their name in bold and most have a picture on the badge.

This edition features a number of profiles of homeless people, and a few pieces of poetry by people who have experienced homelessness. We also have a few pieces of Daniel Thompson's poetry that we had never published before. There are a bunch of statistics on homelessness as well as stats about veterans experiencing homelessness. Seven of the current vendors submitted work that was published in the paper. Plus there are some nice photos from the 2011 Homeless Stand Down. Pick your copy up today.

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