Monday, April 18, 2011

Drumplay Supports the Cleveland Street Paper

Marking Daniel Thompson's Legacy

The band Drumplay is marking Daniel Thompson's 76th anniversary of his birth at the Algebra Tea House (on Murray Hill in Little Italy) on April 21. Daniel was a long time contributor to the Homeless Grapevine and was known as the Bread Man to homeless people who slept downtown. Daniel was a founding member of Drumplay from 1992 until his death. The band is trying to raise enough money at their concerts to print an upcoming issue of the Street Chronicle to honor Daniel. The newest issue will be published sometime this week.

Thanks to the following members of Drumplay who are donating their time at these events during April (National Poetry Month):

Matt Horwich, Rick Kodramaz, Tim Lane, Al Moses, James Onysko + Kip Volans.

Next shows include:

April 21 Algebra Tea House @ 7:00 p.m. Little Italy in Cleveland (celebrating the release of the "Big Book of Daniel")

April 23 Sandy Chanty @ 8:00 p.m. Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio (CD "Infinity" Release Party)

April 30 Perry Public Library @ 1:00 p.m Perry, Ohio (special program for children)

Word has it that Ernie Krivda will be joining us on Thursday, April 21.

Also, all proceeds from sales of Drumplay discs (past + present) will go to the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless - specifically designated to go to the Cleveland Street Chronicle (the new name of the Homeless Grapevine). We continue Daniel's work in that regard.

The Big Book of Daniel is a new comprehensive collection of Daniel's poetry that Bottom Dog Press is publishing, and will be available at Mac's Backs Paperbacks in Coventry.


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