Monday, July 11, 2011

Cleveland Street Chronicle Out and Available

The new paper, the Cleveland Street Chronicle, is out and available on the streets of Cleveland. Typically, it is sold at the West Side Market and Downtown. A few vendors have been venturing into University Circle and other areas of the City, but you can guarantee a vendor anytime the West Side Market is open.

This issue has our "Facts on Homelessness," which has become quite popular over the last two issues. We have two editorial cartoons from two vendors of the paper. Have them autograph the paper when you buy a paper from Kim or Greg. They could be famous someday so don't miss your chance when they are signing autographs for free. We have about one third of the paper written by those who vendor the Chronicle.

Other items include two commentaries on the changes in voting. There is a look at the Cleveland Youth Forum that took place in May. We have a book review and a feature on a homeless woman who found her way off the streets. Finally, there is a story from the Washington DC Street Newspaper about becoming invisible when you become homeless. There is a center spread feature on the recent graduates of the Lakeside--General Education Development Program. As always, we have plenty of poetry and photographs in the paper. Pick one up today and support your local vendor who is always struggling with their housing.

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