Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ohio A Dangerous Place for Homeless People

National Coalition Keeps Track of Hate Crimes

The Plain Dealer reported a hate crime against a resident of 2100 Lakeside Shelter this weekend. A group of teens attacked a homeless individual and stole his shopping cart. Ohio is always on the top of the list of states with a large number of hate crimes against homeless people put out by the National Coalition for the Homeless. Florida is by far the most dangerous state for homeless people in the United States with Ohio within the top five most dangerous states. NCH is right now preparing their hate crimes report. Look for it this fall.

County Prosecutor Bill Mason wonders at the end of the story why young people would attack a homeless person. Most readers were wondering the same thing. NEOCH believes that there should be additional penalties for those who target homeless people with violence. Mason's prosecutor lobby organization down in Columbus opposes adding homeless people to the hate crimes statute in Ohio. Mason also allowed the young people from Youngstown who came to Cleveland and attack homeless people with a stun gun to plead to misdemeanor charges and the teenagers only had to do community service. Maybe Mason will support a hate crimes statute in Ohio or will make an example of these teens to send a message that our society will not accept homeless people being easy targets after seeing the number of incidents increasing.

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