Friday, September 30, 2011

Hand Up Gala Update

Donate Today!!!
The Hand Up Gala now has 32 items that we will use to auction off this fall.  Any one who donates $45 will be entered into the auction and we will draw prizes on November 4, 2011 and send as a thank you to those who donate.  The event is a kickoff for our winter fundraising, and will feature a fantastic meal and fine dining atmosphere.  There is a flyer on the auction page that you could print out and send with your donation to this unique event.  We also have a copy of the above flyer available on the Hand Up Gala website.  We would love your support for this important event for both organizations

For every $45 donated, the Bishop Cosgrove Center will be able to buy 8 bus tickets for a homeless individual to get to a job interview or a meeting with a landlord.

For every $90 donated to the Hand Up Gala for NEOCH, we will be able to collect and distribute 4 of the nice indoor/outdoor blankets to keep people dry and safe this winter. 

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