Friday, September 02, 2011

A Bad Deal for Cuyahoga County

Husted and Fitzgerald Strike Deal that Harms Cuyahoga County

The deal announced today between County Executive Ed Fitzgerald and Secretary of State Jon Husted is bad for Cuyahoga County voters and unnecessary.  Fitzgerald agreed not to mail absentee ballot applications to voters in the next month and the state would pay to send out ballots to all of Ohio in 2012.  Cuyahoga County Council members must be upset that they all went out on a limb and then got sold down I-71 by their County Executive. They all agreed that this was important for voters and then they got notification in 2012 instead.  It is more likely that a resident would forget to apply in the off year of 2011 to vote by mail than in the Presidential election of 2012. The only benefit is that Cuyahoga County tax payers save the expense of the mailing, but we lose a great deal. 

It is another blow to home rule.  Fitzgerald was afraid of lawsuit, but that suit would have never been successful.  Plus, there are advocates gathering signatures to put the voting bill on the ballot, which would have made the lawsuit moot.  Didn't Fitzgerald learn anything from elementary school?  You have to stand up to bullies or they will just continue to push you around.  We better not have lines at the polling places this fall or Fitzgerald is in big trouble.

Brian Davis
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