Wednesday, February 01, 2012

In Memory of a Friend

Gloria attended the 2011 Hand Up Gala
Gloria Wilson 1974-2012
The Bishop Cosgrove Center remembered Gloria at a memorial on Monday January 30, 2012.  Gloria helped us start a women's residence council at the Community Women's Shelter when the program was run by Catholic Charities.  Before health issues limited her ability to attend meetings, she was always vocal about her opinion.  Gloria attended Homeless Congress meetings, and encouraged others to speak up.  She attended the St. James church and sang in the choir.  She had found subsidized housing, which was the hand up she needed to find stability.  Gloria was very good at briefly and clearly telling an audience the problem and providing an avenue for others to help.  I remember that she testified about poverty at a gathering of advocates at Trinity Cathedral.  Gloria had five children and a loving family.   Gloria volunteered a great deal to help clean up at the Cosgrove and I always saw her at the Homeless Stand Down.  We will miss Gloria's voice at local meetings.

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