Monday, February 27, 2012

Support the National Coalition for the Homeless

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I am a proud member of NCH’s board of directors, and over the years I’ve gotten an up-close look at the amazing work of this small but feisty, progressive, and passionate advocacy organization.  NCH is, simply put, the leading national voice for homeless and formerly-homeless people and progressive advocates in the ongoing struggle to end homelessness and protect the civil rights of those experiencing homelessness. 

That struggle has never been more vital than now, in the midst attacks on the safety net; efforts to criminalize homelessness in cities throughout Ohio, and a concerted effort to limit access to the ballot box for minority and low income populations.  We have seen a failure of leaders in Washington to work on comprehensive solutions to homelessness and instead pit one subgroup against another.  We have seen a failure of some advocacy groups to tackle the root causes of homelessness.  

I can assure you that NCH is standing as a national voice for those living on the streets or in the shelters for a comprehensive solution to end homelessness for all populations. I have helped work on a national foreclosure report to show how it impacts the homeless population, and I have chaired the National Civil Rights Organizing Project.  I know that the staff and board have regularly appealed to elected officials and federal bureaucrats to expand housing opportunities to meet the dramatic rise in homelessness and poverty since the economic crisis began.  NCH has, like many other progressive groups, also had to struggle with financial hardships in recent years – but we keep on fighting. 

So here’s why I’m asking for your help right now:  NCH has launched a special short-term appeal, called “Crisis Hidden in Plain View,” and a generous supporter has given us a $30,000 matching grant.  Their goal is to match and exceed that amount by mid-March – and I’d be so grateful if you could help us reach that goal.

Here’s where you can find information about the appeal and where you can donate:

Show them that Ohio cares and that we value a strong national advocacy organization.  Thank you so much for any help you can give.

Brian Davis
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