Sunday, May 14, 2006

Shelter Storm and Voice Mail Updates

Homeless Concert and Other Updates

On Friday, the Shelter Storm blew into Y-Haven. Promptly following their resident meeting, I got up to play for the residents. Due to the show being held during the day, this session of the Revue Tour was attended by only myself. The rest of the standard storm chasers were missed, but Y-Haven was kept jumping and bumping none the less.

Although my performance was well received, as they were singing along and doing what I have heard at least one musicological historian refer to as “hollering,” the stars of the show were the residents themselves who took the time to step on stage and share their talents.

The first resident to show off was Sean Sanford, 2nd place winner of the NEOCH poetry contest. He read his poem, “Tears of an Addict.” I must now apologize, for I did not make any good notes on the names of the rest of the people that sounded off. However, their anonymity does not in any way diminish what they shared. We were joined by a soul singer, a resident choir, and even a staff member who can do some mean splits.

So, to sum up, Y-Haven is now one of my favorite places to play. I was not able to fill the majority of the requests they called for. This is nothing new. I know many songs, but no one ever requests the ones I know. Despite that, we all had a wonderful time. IÂ’m glad I was able to represent the Revue Tour there and hope the next time I can drag some poor hapless artist along with me.

In other news, I forgot to offer my congratulations to Denise Uter of the East Side Catholic Center for signing up the most clients to voice mail on Voice Mail Day. Congratulations, Denise. Congratulations are also due to Sonya Ruff of VOA, who placed second in the Voice Mail Day contest. We plan on holding similar contests throughout the summer, so stay tuned. Thanks to everyone who participated and to all the agencies and case workers who continue to use and support voice mail.

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