Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What could you buy with $70 Billion?

Congress is close to a Deal to Cut Taxes by $70 Billion

The Shopping Spree of a Lifetime. What could we buy for $70 billion?

  • We could end homelessness in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Houston, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Portland, Louisville, and Atlanta. Just think with the money from the tax cut, we would no longer have homelessness in 16 of the larger American cities.
  • We could pay the cost of every voucher for every individual on the waiting list of every housing authority in America. In Cleveland, there are over 1,300 on the Housing Choice Voucher Program waiting list. There would also be money left over for improvements in Public Housing.
  • We could expand our current effort to address homelessness in the United States by 50 times with the money from the tax cut.
  • We could bankroll our state housing trust fund for over 1,000 years, which provides housing assistance and the construction of new housing in Ohio.
  • We could serve 70 times as many people as we currently do with mental health assistance in the state of Ohio. This would allow us to finally do what our government promised when they closed all the asylums in our community.
  • We could increase our state resources directed at the local foodbanks by 13,000 times what they currently support.
  • We could fund the Cleveland Homeless Coalition for 200,000 years or give a direct subsidy of $1,555 to every person without healthcare in the United States.
There is so much that we could do with $70 billion, but wouldn't it be much better in the hands of those making above $200,000. They will take this money and put immigrants to work or open health clinics in the Congo or cure AIDS. This $70 billion is best used in the hands of the well off because they are smarter than we the people.

Posts by Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless staff and Board.

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