Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sorry for the Long Absence...

NEOCH was Busy, Pardon our Delay in Posting

I was in Washington lobbying Congress on a few items, which we will discuss later. All staff have worked on the Annual Meeting on Friday night, and so have been busy. The meeting was great and their is a good description of the event on the Homeless Grapevine blog. Massimo da Milano is a great venue for the meeting--close to downtown, parking, and convenient.

We had another record number of visits to the website in April--8,164 for the month or 272 average visitors every day.

Community Voice Mail Day was a success with nearly 100 people signed up and East Side Catholic Shelter and Volunteers of America winning the gift certificates for signing up the largest number of users. Also, Council woman Phyllis Cleveland sponsored a resolution proclaiming April 26 as Cleveland Community Voice Mail Day.

Speaking of Voice Mail, they are doing a complete redesign of their website. Look for it to go live this next week.

I was in the nation's capital last week for the National Coalition for the Homeless meeting and some lobbying activities. Washington DC is always very depressing with all those men in suits who could easily solve homelessness driving and walking past the thousands of homeless people every day who reside on the streets. We had a very good meeting and added a few new board members. The National Coalition is beginning to stabilize after a rough patch.

Since we had two weeks without posting, we will try to post everyday for the next few weeks.


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