Monday, December 08, 2008

There Are a Number of Angry People

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We Received this Back in the Mail Today

We sent out our membership mailing a couple of weeks back, and discovered that there are a few people who are very angry about the results of the last election. I have no problem with this type of anger, but write down your name and be willing to stand behind your opinions. This was delivered anonymously. If nothing else we would take this individual off our mailing list, so that we do not raise the ire of a former donor with any future request for a donation.
"Please forward this request to the White House and suggest that the President consider it as part of his redistribution plan. Ask that he distributes to you whatever he wishes from the additional portion of money he will be taking from me as part of that redistribution. Good Luck.

p.s. And, as long as Obama is president, please send all future requests for a charitable contribution directly to the White House."
This was written in same festive red printing, but without a name attached. How are we supposed to forward all future requests if we do not know who this person is? I am not sure how effective this plan will be to send all charitable requests to the White House, but we are willing to try. I pay pretty close attention to national politics and policies that would have an impact on homeless, and have not heard about this Obama redistribution plan. I will keep an eye out for an announcement as part of the transition. Thanks for the information, and maybe we need to give the new guy in office a chance to take the oath before we start criticizing him.

Posts by Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless staff and Board.

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CynDe said...

I too am angry about the various redistributions, loans, bailouts -whatever the term may be this hour.

Oh, yes! Let's not forget that $320 billion the Reagan administration (and other administrations since) borrowed from Social Security that has yet to be paid back.

I've noticed throughout the years that layoffs are a band-aid to the problems created by poor decisions made by incompedent management.

Finally, members of Congress questioned the heads of the American automobile industry asking why they were able to come up with a plan of action when requested by Congress rather than working on various plans prior to asking for monetary relief.

Ironically, these same automakers are suing various branches of the federal government which gives new meaning to 'biting the hand that feeds you'.

Another irony is that those who replied to NEOCH or any other cause citing that the reason they aren't giving is because of their anger for the redistribution plan just might need the services of the coalition for themselves or a close family member someday.

Karma bites, clamps down and it takes awhile before it decides to let go.

I am greatly looking forward to this new administration and strongly feel that a dignified man will preside over this county. Unfortunately, our President-Elect will have the secondary job of janitor with eight years of so much manure to shovel.

I have no problem signing my name.

Cynthia Miller
Homeless in Cleveland in 2005
Awarded SSDI in 2007 and paid my creditors.
Homeowner in Toronto, Ohio in 2008
Former NEOCH Board Member - 2 yrs.
Present NEOCH Member
Reason to support NEOCH: Because it works!