Sunday, December 21, 2008

Homeless Who Passed Away in 2008

Homeless Memorial Day Names 2008

NEOCH hosted a small gathering of activists to remember those who passed away over the last year. This was the 22nd Annual Candlelight Vigil, and this was the largest number of names that we have ever read. Here are the names of those who lost the struggle this year. If you are a part of a religious congregation please offer your prayers or condolences for these individuals and their families.

Olu Akintunde


Charles D. Anderson

John Andresh

Ronald Armstrong

Cliff Barnhart

Rosemary Battle

Terry Beachman

Paul Bianco

Jacob Bobrowski

Robert Cherney

James Cofield

Ralph Duhan

Robert Eady

Barney Elias

Carol Fergus

Larry Gahan

Jacinda Glover

Carol Good (male)

Jack Hanrahan

Jesse Harris

Gary Hubbard

Joseph Irby

Thomas Jackson

James King Jr.

James King

Perry Kucinich

Rufuss Lenard

Mariam Lozada

Craig Lucas

Marnie Macon

Marion McWilliams

Thomas Milo

Robert Morgan

Bruce Morris

Mary Murphy

Melvin Nance

Robert Okragley

Donald O’Neal

John Pickell

Stanley Pieck

Mark Pirtle

Thomas Rapose

Barbara Rossi

Calvin Sledge

Jeff Stoudemire

Lois Swaysland

Wayne Anthony Tyler

Anthony Waters

William Whalen

On one of the coldest days of the year, on the shortest day of the year, we gathered together in one of the best meal programs in the City to remember those who lost their lives. We joined 70 to 80 cities around the United States to mourn the loss of some of our friends. We look back at this rough 2008, and pledge to try harder to protect the lives of people in 2009.

Posts by Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless staff and Board.

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CynDe said...

Today it is Christmas, the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ our Savior who was born into homelessness.

Since the posting of the list of names of those homeless who passed away (so far) in 2008, I have returned daily to reflect on these names, wondering who they were, their accomplishments in life and their circumstances resulting in being homeless.

I have so many questions.

Have I seen these people before on the streets of Cleveland, along Payne Avenue, at Trinity Cathedral for Sunday lunch, downtown at the library or at Public Square? Were they homeless when I was homeless?

It is just as tragic to see a list of names as it is to know their fate. A list of names is just as impersonal as a statistical number. Most of the grief I feel is because they are just a name, nothing more.