Sunday, April 19, 2009

Grading the Administration: 13

Weekly Grades for the Obama Administration on Poverty: D

Again, not much to say for unlucky week 13. Obama was out of the country for most of the week, and so it seems as though the government does very little on domestic issues during the President's absence. There was another middle class forum held to talk about making college affordable. There was a new HUD staff person selected who actually knows the words "Fair Housing," which is a good thing. This is HUD Fair Housing month, which was ignored for about a decade. There is a great deal of work going on within the administration on getting the stimulus dollars on the streets. There was more inside baseball talk about government reform to make the executive branch more effective. The President spent tax day with a few "ordinary Americans" discussing tax policy and the federal government. This does not deserve many points, but at least it is an effort. No points for the foreign trips or the release of the tax returns, so this week is a D in the academic scale. Now that Obama has travelled all around the world it is time to focus on domestic policy and poverty. Hey, just expand the ideas on the White House website about poverty with a little more flesh on the proposals, and the administration would get a C. They better hurry--It is almost the end of the first semester.

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CynDe said...

Week 13 was interesting for me. Got the bill from Columbia Gas...what was a $54 budget last year went up to $165, then to $265 and now I have a bill for $318.

I wish Columbia Gas would give some notice of the increase rather than hitting its customers with this surprise on bills due in two weeks!

If I had the money to repair my truck, I could go to Steubenville, get a current Social Security statement of income and go directly to the Community Action Council and sign up for assistance.

The $250 I will be getting as a ONE TIME PAYMENT will barely make a dent in paying utilities. Not exactly a stimulus check when it is paying for old business rather than for a new purchase such as maybe...a car?